Helping your loved one communicate again.

VisuALS is an affordable AAC device that can restore your loved one’s ability to communicate.

Assistive communication device

Has your loved one had a stroke?

A stroke can be devastating, especially when it causes someone you love to lose the ability to communicate.

A stroke can affect a person in many different ways, but common effects include the loss of movement and speech. This can sometimes result in locked-in syndrome, where stroke victims become locked inside of their own bodies, causing them to be unable to communicate with those that they love around them. Stroke victims who still have the ability to move their eyes can use eye-tracking augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices to regain the ability to communicate with loved ones and even the world (through the web).

Traditional AAC devices are very expensive with costs ranging from $10k-20k. Because of these overwhelming costs, most families cannot afford to pay for these systems out of pocket. Some families will have insurance that will qualify, but getting approved by insurance can be a long and strenuous process taking several months. That’s why we’ve created VisuALS.

Introducing VisuALS

VisuALS is a simple and affordable AAC device that can help your loved one communicate again.

With its text-to-speech, web browser, notepad, home automation controls, users can easily type out and share what they have on their hearts, browse the web, and control their environment.

All of VisuALS applications are completely eye-enabled, allowing pALS to regain some of their independence, dignity, and hope. 

What's in the Box?

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