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The VisuALS System is an integrated alternative communications solution that brings hope to people that have lost their ability to communicate, by giving them a voice through an assistive eye-tracking device. The ability to communicate is the most important feature of an assistive communication device and so we created a simple and user friendly system. 

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We seek to love our neighbors in every way that we operate our business. A huge part of that is through our ongoing customer service. We provide personal and reliable online customer service to all those that we serve. Every decision we make is driven by the question – what is most loving to our neighbors?


The VisuALS system is a fraction of the cost of existing integrated options. Users will have the freedom to own and use the VisuALS system within two weeks of choosing to purchase! 

Optimized for your needs

Eye Tracking

The VisuALS system integrates with the leading eye tracking hardware to enable users to control the system entirely with their eyes. With an on-screen keyboard and predictive text, users can quickly type what’s on their heart.

Communications & Connectivity

With built-in text-to-speech technology, users can speak to those around them. They can also e-mail friends, connect on social networks, browse the web, read online books, and write in their journal to keep their mind sharp and their relationships healthy.

Safety & Environmental Control

VisuALS software includes an easy to access Alarm button to quickly get a caregiver’s attention. VisuALS also provides easy access to a growing selection of light and environmental home automation devices (purchased separately) so that users can independently control their living space.

What's in the box?

The VisuALS System is comprised of a tablet computer, eye tracking bar (purchased separately), bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth speaker, a case, a mount unit and proprietary software. All of these elements are pre-integrated by VisuALS before shipping to you to simplify initial setup. 

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First mount included in the price.

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VisuALS is now available for order. All orders should be packaged and delivered within two weeks of your order. For questions or for help with the ordering process, email us at or call us by using the button below.