#HourofSilence Challenge

“This challenge is different than any other challenge that I have ever seen, as it not only brings awareness to ALS in general, but it also brings awareness to the scary reality that a lot of people with ALS have to face every single day. For participants, the challenge may be fun and games, but once they realize that this is real for people with ALS, it will make them appreciate their ability to communicate.”

- Sarah Haupt

Care Services Coordinator For The ALS Association

The Purpose

The “Hour of Silence” challenge has been created to raise awareness for ALS and other diseases that cause you to lose the ability to communicate. 

According to the ALS Association, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects people’s ability to speak, eat, move and breathe. While losing any of these basic bodily functions would be absolutely terrifying, losing the ability to communicate with those that you love would be especially heartbreaking. Because their minds remain completely unaffected, people with ALS who lose the ability to communicate, become trapped inside of their own body.  The “Hour of Silence” challenge is designed to give participants a glimpse into the nightmare that these patients live with on a daily basis.

The Goal

The goal of this challenge is to raise awareness, especially among younger people, of the impact of ALS on individuals and to raise funding for organizations seeking to serve ALS patients and those who are working for a cure.

Fund Raising

Those unable or unwilling to take the challenge (and those that do take the challenge) are encouraged to make a donation to one of five organizations:

The Challenge

  • Don’t communicate for 1 hour. This means no talking, no texting, and no social messaging. 
  • Put tape across your mouth with “Voiceless” written across it and tape on your thumbs as physical reminders to not speak or use your hands for one full hour. 
  • Before going silent, post the challenge on social media announcing that you are going silent for one hour and challenge three of you friends to do the same.
  • Use #HourofSilence & tag the “Hour of Silence” social media page

I’ve been challenged to go silent for one hour to raise awareness for ALS. Like many ALS patients, I will be unable to use my voice or my hands to communicate. This means no talking, no texting, and no social messaging. I am placing tape across my mouth (with the word “Voiceless”) and on my thumbs as physical reminders not to speak or use my hands during the hour of silence. I challenge ________, __________, and __________ to also go silent for one hour. You have 24 hours to go silent or you can give to 1 of 5 organizations at hourofsilence.com. #hourofsilence

Copy & paste this status on your timeline with your “Hour of Silence” picture and challenge 3 of your friends to do the same.

I challenge __________, __________, & __________. Save & repost the challenge description, along with your own picture.

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