The VisuALS Love Fund

Our mission is to love our neighbors by restoring independence, dignity, and hope through affordable assistive technology solutions. We produce an affordable alternative communications solution for people with ALS and other debilitating conditions.
As part of that mission we have created the VisuALS Love Fund to enable contributions towards the purchase of VisuALS systems by family, friends, and complete strangers. Every dollar contributed to the fund will go towards providing a VisuALS system to a neighbor who needs one.
If you need a VisuALS system but can't afford one, we encourage you to create your own Love Fund and pass the link on to all your family, friends, and social network contacts.
If, by the grace of God, you aren't in need of our solution, but have compassion for those that do, we encourage you to contribute to one of the campaigns that have been created, or to our "Carl Fund" campaign, which helps close the gap for those whose campaigns come up short.

Active VisuALS Love Funds

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Terms and Conditions: VisuALS’ Love Fund program allows friends and family to contribute to the purchase of VisuALS systems. The Love Fund program is operated pursuant to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Every dollar contributed to a Love Fund will be applied toward the purchase of VisuALS systems. No fees will be charged to donors or customers in connection with the Love Fund program. Funds will be applied first toward the Love Fund of the selected individual, up to the full price of a VisuALS system (currently $2,700). Any excess funds will be applied to the Carl Fund.
  2. At the close of a customer’s Love Fund, the customer will receive a one-time use coupon code in an amount equal to the balance of the customer’s Love Fund. Donations to the Love Fund program will not be returned under any circumstances. In the event that an individual is unable to purchase a VisuALS system, the funds in that individual’s Love Fund will be transferred to the Carl Fund and will be used to help other individuals purchase a VisuALS system.
  3. The Carl Fund will be used to partially cover the expense of a VisuALS system for individuals selected at the discretion of VisuALS. Donations can be made directly to the Carl Fund.
  4. Contributions to the Love Fund program are not tax deductible. VisuALS is a for-profit company.