About us

Our mission was and is to love our neighbors by restoring independence, dignity, and hope through affordable assistive technology solutions.

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Student Project

VisuALS started as a student project at Oklahoma Christian University after recognizing the need for an affordable assistive communication device. The student team entered into Love’s Cup, a state-wide business plan competition in Oklahoma, and won first place.

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Impacting Lives

The impact of what those students created did not truly become evident until they met a man named Carl. Seeing the impact they had on Carl’s life, they knew they needed to create a business.

VisuALS System

VisuALS (pronounced visuals) was a fully operating business that sold their solution for just a fraction of the price of traditional solutions. It operated from April, 2017, through December, 2021, at which time the founders decided to cease operations. Limited support for the product continues to be available through Oklahoma Christian University (email: steve.maher@oc.edu) 

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