About Us

About Us

Our mission is to love our neighbors by restoring independence, dignity, and hope through affordable assistive technology solutions. 

Oklahoma Christian VisuALS

Student Project

VisuALS started as a student project at Oklahoma Christian University after recognizing the need for an affordable assistive communication device. The student team entered into Love's Cup, a state-wide business plan competition in Oklahoma, and won first place.

Oklahoma Christian VisuALS

Impacting Real Lives

The impact of what those students created did not truly become evident until they met a man named Carl. Seeing the impact they had on Carl's life, they knew they needed to create a business.

ALS Communication Device VisuALS


VisuALS is now a fully operating business that is selling their solution for less than $3,000, a fraction of the price of traditional solutions.

Our story

In 2014, a student in the Master’s of Engineering program at Oklahoma Christian University, approached the university with an idea to create an affordable AAC device for his friend who had ALS. His friend was a doctor and so he could afford the expensive traditional communication devices that cost $15K – $25K, but he saw the need for an affordable solution. Oklahoma Christian decided to pursue this idea through their senior engineering capstone projects. Over the next two years, two groups of students worked on the project. The first group of students started the work in the Fall of 2015 and the second group of students picked up that work in the Fall of 2016. The students did not realize the potential of what they were creating until they met a man named Carl Phelps, who ended up becoming their first beta tester. 

The video below (fast forward to 2:20) is of Oklahoma Christian’s President introducing Carl and the student team at Oklahoma Christian’s alumni dinner. Since then, members of that student team have graduated and started their corporate careers, with a few of them still playing significant roles in the business and others acting as Strategic Advisors. Other team members have been recruited to help build the business and bring VisuALS to market. VisuALS officially launched on September 1st, 2017 and is seeking to live out it’s mission to love it’s neighbors by restoring independence, dignity and hope through affordable assistive technology solutions. 

Russ McGuire
Russ McGuire is a trusted advisor with proven strategic insights. He has been blessed by God in many ways including serving as a corporate executive, and co-founding technology startups. More importantly, he’s a husband and father who cares about people, and he’s a committed Christian who seeks to honor God in all that he does. He currently serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at Oklahoma Christian University. Some of his career highlights include co-founding the first web development firm in Oklahoma in 1995, serving as vice president of corporate strategy for Sprint from 2008-2014, being a published business book author and a patented inventor.
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Preston Kemp
Preston is one of the original developers of the VisuALS system. He has worked in a variety of settings, including public policy work in Washington D.C., as well as traditional engineering roles. Preston believes that technology can be used to solve the most difficult problems of our age.
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Tyler Sriver
Tyler is one of the original developers of the VisuALS system. He graduated as a Computer Engineer from Oklahoma Christian University where he helped develop the VisuALS software. Tyler enjoys building software and solving engineering problems.
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Jevon Seaman
Breaking the typical stereotypes, Jevon, an accounting major at Oklahoma Christian, enjoys doing more than just bean counting. In his free time, Jevon finds happiness in woodworking, playing his guitar, and having a cup of coffee with friends. When not crunching numbers or sharpening a chisel, Jevon greatly cherishes time with his new bride.
Austin McRay
Austin McRay is a co-founder and the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for VisuALS. Austin is a 2016 Marketing graduate from Oklahoma Christian with an emphasis on professional selling and is currently pursuing his MBA at OC. Since graduating, Austin has been one of the managers of Altimeter Software, LLC where he has successfully closed sales with multiple universities and high schools. Sales is something that Austin finds interesting because it allows him to connect with complete strangers. Austin cares deeply about connecting and forming relationships with people and his hope is to turn every stranger that he meets into a friend.
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McKenna Gameros
As a sophomore Computer Engineering student at OC, McKenna feels very blessed to have the opportunity to work with VisuALS. She hopes to pursue a career in Biomedical Engineering after graduating from OC in order to help people using the skills that God has blessed her with. She currently lives in Spokane, WA with her wonderful family, but as a military kid, she loves to travel. It is her exposure to war-torn soldiers that gives her the drive to study to help people, especially through prosthetics. She is honored to be a part of VisuALS, and she hopes to be able to work on it up through her senior capstone project.
Addison Schwamb
I am a sophomore Computer Engineer at Oklahoma Christian University, planning on graduating with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering in 2020. In addition to working for VisuALS, I serve as vice president for OC’s section of Society of Women Engineers. In my free time, I love to sing, read, ice skate, and go hiking!
Brendan McKinley
My name is Brendan McKinley, and I’m a sophomore studying Electrical Engineering at Oklahoma Christian University. I work on the code development team, and I’m really excited about the mission of VisuALS and the product that we’re creating.
Steve Maher
Product Advisor
Steve Maher has been advising teams and projects for a long time. He was blessed with nearly two decades working in Silicon Valley, all in product development, plus served as Chairman and President of a non-profit for a decade. He has been at Oklahoma Christian for over 15 years, teaches full-time, and currently serves as Chair of the Graduate School of Engineering and Computer Science. When not inspiring young engineers, Steve enjoys church fellowship, sports, traveling, reading, doing puzzles, and spending time with his family.
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