A Website Made For Those Using Eye Gaze Technology

Many of our customers want to play games, read the Bible, or just do fun things on the internet, but the reality is that a lot of the websites that allow you to do these things just aren’t optimized to work well with eye gaze technology.

Some online games, like Solitaire, require you to click & drag, which means you can’t play them, while other games just lack the simple layout needed to perform well for eye gaze. We also searched for a Bible website that worked well for eye gaze, but came up short.

This is why we’ve sponsored the creation of gaze.fun, a website made for those using eye gaze technology. So far, gaze.fun has the Bible, Solitaire, Doubler and a news feed added to gaze.fun and will continue to add more apps in the future. While feedback from our customers sparked the creation of gaze.fun, the site is available for free use by anyone.

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