Customer Spotlight: ALSA – MN, ND, SD Chapter

Most of our customers are families who have a loved one with communication challenges, but we are also happy that organizations, such as clinics and ALS Association chapters, are beginning to purchase devices for their loan closet. This month, we are proud to feature the Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota Chapter of the ALS Association. They were very impressed with how relatively inexpensive our device was and decided to purchase a device for their Hrbek-Sing Program.

Their Hrbek-Sing Communication and Assistive Device Program is available to any person living with ALS in the Chapter’s service area and registered with the Chapter. The program loans augmentative communication equipment to individuals who have lost their ability to verbally communicate. The program also helps people with ALS maintain their independence by providing computer access equipment and/or environmental control devices.

The Hrbek-Sing Program was named after two important figures of the chapter, the Hrbek family and former board member, Larry Sing.

Kent Hrbek’s father, Edward, died in 1982 of ALS at the age of 53. Kent and his wife Jeanie helped form the Minnesota chapter and have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the cause. With the underwriting by the Hrbeks, the Hrbek-Sing Program became a reality. The concept for the program was developed by former chapter board member, Larry Sing, who died at age 43.

We’re thankful for the opportunity to serve families in the MN, ND, SD Chapter with our affordable device and loving customer support. We hope that the VisuALS device they have purchased will be able to bless many families, providing an easy way to communicate with their loved ones.


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