Customer Spotlight: Julie Kroske

Meet Julie

Julie was born and raised in Findlay, Ohio. She has worked as a secretary for the Arlington National Gas Company for the last 20 years. ANG is a very small family owned utility company where the owners regularly bring their dogs into the office to stay with Julie when they have to work in the field. Julie has raised several generations of dogs for them and has a lifelong love of dogs (and cats). She loves her job and plans to continue working as long as possible.

Julie and her husband Dave married in 2004 and live on a farm near Arlington, Ohio. Julie loves her flower gardens, she’s very active in her church and is a strong person of faith. Her faith and her relationships with the people of her church provide her with a great deal of comfort and support. In fact, her church funded the purchase of her VisuALS system through private contributions and a gift from the benevolence ministry.

Julie and Dave are pleased to have the VisuALS unit well before she loses all ability to speak thereby giving her time to get comfortable with it before it is her only option to communicate. They are also adding as many ‘smart’ technology controls to their home as they can so that Julie will be able to control them using her VisuALS system when movement becomes limited for her.

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