Customer Spotlight: Michael Paxson

Meet Mike

Michael Paxson lives in Warsaw, Missouri with his loving wife Rhonda, whom he has been married to for 17 years. Mike & Rhonda are extremely thankful for Mike’s caregiver, Mera, who has been a tremendous help to them in their time of need.

Mike was diagnosed with ALS in November of 2014 and lost his ability to speak about 7 months ago. Earlier on, Mike had trouble using eye gaze systems. The expensive device that he was able to obtain through the VA would not work for him. It was too hard to calibrate and just overall too complicated for him to use. 

Last October, Mike attended the Columbia, Missouri ALS support group, where he was able to try out the VisuALS system. Once he was properly calibrated, the first words that Mike typed out were “This is way easier”.

In the months following the support group, Rhonda decided to create a Love Fund to help raise some of the money for a VisuALS system. With the help of the Love Fund and the Carl Fund, Rhonda was able to purchase a VisuALS system for Mike.

Mike is excited to have finally found a device that works for him and gives him the voice that he has been so longingly missing.


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