Meet The Team: Brendan McKinley

Meet Brendan

Brendan McKinley is a sophomore electrical engineering student at Oklahoma Christian University and is one of our software developers. When Brendan first started working for VisuALS at the beginning of last summer, the VisuALS software would only work on a big computer monitor. Within just a few days of being hired, Brendan was able to get the software to scale to any size screen, which was a huge step forward for our product, allowing our VisuALS system to work on a portable & mountable tablet.

Brendan says that he has loved working for VisuALS over this past year and that one of his favorite things about the company is knowing that the work that he does has a direct positive impact on the ALS community and others who desperately need a voice. Additionally, he says that the VisuALS team has been incredibly supportive and that he’s grateful to have them in his life.

Brendan enjoys rock climbing, reading and competing with OC’s business ethics team. He tries to live for empathy and equality, and he feels blessed to be surrounded by people that help him grow.

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