Meet The Team: Preston Seaman

Meet Preston

Preston Seaman is a student developer for the VisuALS team. He is a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science at Oklahoma Christian University. He comes from sunny California and was homeschooled there from kindergarten through high school. When he wasn’t working for VisuALS this summer, he spent his time visiting Europe for a month on a mission trip. The trip was spent singing in German schools and helping with events the churches were running for children across Europe. After the trip was finished, the rest of his summer was spent with his family and working on various wood working projects.

When Preston was asked if he would be interested in joining the VisuALS team, he was really surprised that anyone would be looking for Freshmen programmers to help develop their software. He jumped at the opportunity to join the team and soon realized exactly how much potential for good the product had. He was pleasantly surprised to find that he had become a part of something that was going to have such an impact on people’s lives across the world. While the professional experience that he has gained through the job has far surpassed his initial expectations, he is most thankful for how much it has built up his faith.

Preston went on to describe his experience with VisuALS saying, “The opportunity VisuALS has to bring a voice back to an individual and reconnect them with their loved ones has truly touched my life in a very special way.”


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