Customer Spotlight: Steve Snider

Meet Steve

Steve Snider has been an ALS patient for more than 4 years. His condition has deteriorated to where he cannot use his hands, arms, or legs. Steve wants to stay ahead of the next problem, which will be the loss of his ability to speak. Learning an eye gaze and text-to-speech system will keep him connected to the people around him.

It’s important to Steve for him to stay socialized and communicate with people around him. As a former band director, Steve is not able to strike up the band anymore, but he will be able to strike up a conversation by using his VisuALS system. Steve has impacted many people through his music teaching. In fact, to this day, former students still send notes to Steve expressing their appreciation for his role in making them a better player.

Steve was also an avid sailor and has accomplished much. He is the 1989 National Catalina 22 US Champion and has sailed all over the US and many times in the Caribbean and South Pacific. His last long sail was from California to Easter Island, as part of a crew of 12 people. Soon afterwards he received his ALS diagnosis. Now, even with his limited physical abilities, Steve has been able to lead his sailing club to raise money for ALS purposes to help other patients cope with the disease. Steve continues to stay in the conversation, make his family proud, and be a loving neighbor to all.

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