Meet The Team: Addison Schwamb

Meet Addison

Addison Schwamb is a sophomore Computer Engineering major at Oklahoma Christian University. She plans on graduating with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in 2020

Like others at VisuALS, Addison would like to have a career in biomedical engineering, writing software or developing hardware to help people with medical needs. Her mom lives with Type 1 diabetes and is eagerly awaiting the commercial release of the external pancreas—a device that requires internal computers.

Addison would like to use her skills to develop hardware or software that helps people the way other computer engineers developed the external pancreas. Because of this, VisuALS is a perfect opportunity for her. She gets to use her computer engineering talents to help people with ALS, so they can live a better life.

Besides programming, Addison loves to travel. This summer, she worked for VisuALS all over Europe while she studied abroad in Vienna. At times she worked at internet cafes, and once even from a train with wifi. Addison is very thankful that her job was flexible enough to allow her to work part-time while studying abroad!

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