Meet The Team: Austin McRay

Meet Austin

Austin McRay is a co-founder and the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for VisuALS. Austin is a 2016 Marketing graduate from Oklahoma Christian with an emphasis on professional selling. He’s currently pursuing his MBA at OC and strongly believes in being a lifelong learner.

Since graduating, Austin has been one of the managers of Altimeter Software, LLC, where he has successfully closed sales with multiple universities and high schools. For a young man, Austin has a surprising breadth of sales and marketing experience, having previously sold roofing services door-to-door and launched an eCommerce business.

Sales is something that Austin finds interesting because it allows him to connect with complete strangers. Austin cares deeply about connecting and forming relationships with people and his hope is to turn every stranger that he meets into a friend. 

Already being in the startup environment, it was an easy choice for Austin to join the VisuALS team, especially since he had a personal connection with Carl Phelps (VisuALS first beta-tester).

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