VisuALS Technology Solution has ceased operations

Effective the end of December, 2021, VisuALS is no longer in business. Some of the founders have plans in the works to continue providing the VisuALS solutions, as well as other systems and solutions, in various ways in the future, to be announced sometime later in 2022. Stay tuned…

Speech generating device

Not being able to communicate is tough.

When your loved one is unable to communicate because of conditions such as ALS, Stroke, or non-verbal autism, it’s easy to get frustrated and have your loved one experience a locked-inside syndrome. 

We understand what it’s like taking ten to thirty minutes to figure out what your loved one is trying to say. Also, it’s totally normal to worry about their mental health. And you’re not alone

Contact your local ALS Chapter or speech pathologist for communication devices that can help address these problems. They may even have a VisuALS system available as a loaner! 

This is what you can do with a VisuALS

VisuALS is an assistive communication device that helps those who have lost their voice to communicate again.


Using eye-tracking technology, express your needs, feelings, and communicate with our on-screen keyboard and predictive text. 

Web Browser

Our unique web browser allows users to surf the internet, send emails, access social networks, and more.


Type out notes, longer thoughts, speeches, prayers, or whatever else is on their heart. They can then save it as a file and open it later.

Home Automation

Use our system with Amazon Echo Dot to turn on and off the lights, change TV channels, and so much more.

Video Tutorials

About us

Based out of Edmond, Oklahoma, VisuALS birthed out of an award winning student project that was started after seeing the need for a more affordable eye tracking communication device.

Our mission

Our mission is to love our neighbors by restoring independence, dignity and hope through affordable technology solutions.

Our partner is a website that has resources such as news, games, and the Bible in a format that is “eye-friendly”, that is, can be operated without your hands with an eye-tracking device.